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We understand how busy everyone's lives are today. But for us to meet your expectations in this class we need to know how best to serve you. This survey is to help us shape the class to best fulfill your needs and that is why completing and returning this survey is a requirement.

Entry Survey: We ask some basic questions to determine your skill level with the tools we will be using so that we may best tailor the class to your needs. There are also question in this survey that you may not know. Do not let any questions with techno-babble intimidate you. If you do not know what the question is asking leave it blank.

General Information:
Street Address:
City: State: Zip:
Daytime Telephone Number:
Email Address:
Class Name:
Class Date:
Class Location:
What is the most important thing you want to take away from this class?

Your Computer Skill Level: You need basic computer skills for this class. Please tell us a little more about your skill level with computers.
• Do you know how to use a mouse?
• Do you know how to save a file?
• Do you know where to find your file once you have saved it?
• Do you know where the directories are on your computer?
• Do you know how to create new folders?
• Do you know how to copy files?
• Do you know how to move files?
• Do you know what "click and drag" means?

About Your Computer: We need to know a little about the type of computer you will bring to the class and the software you intend to use.

• What type of computer do you use?

• Are you bringing a laptop or desktop to class?
• How old is your computer?
• Does your computer have USB2 ports on it?
• How much RAM does your computer have?
• If you are bringing laptop to the class, have you used it before?
• Are you comfortable using your laptop's touchpad?
• If it is a PC, what version of Windows are you using?

Photoshop & Fabric Printing: One of the requirements for this class is that you must have Adobe Photoshop Elements on your computer. The software is reasonably priced. It is cross-platform meaning you can get a version of it for either a PC or Mac computer. We always teach with the current version of PSE. If you are taking one of the basic classes and you are new to digital image processing you do not need to know how to use the Photoshop Elements in those classes. We will teach you the basics in class. But you must know how to use your computer. We cannot teach you how to use your computer and Photoshop Elements in the same class. If you want to use the full version of Photoshop instead of Elements it is OK. Please indicate which version you want to use in the Photoshop Elements box.
• What version of Photoshop Elements are you using?
• How long have you been using it?
• What do you consider your skill level to be with it?
• Have you taken Photoshop classes or workshops? (If so, please, list and give a description of them.)
• What technique do you prefer using to adjust sections of an image?
• Do you use the cloning tool?
• Do you calibrate your monitor?
• If so, what, sensor and software do you use?
• What is your favorite method of adjusting the color of an image?

• What is the model of your printer?
• What ink set does it use?
• Do you use a RIP to print?
• Are you familiar with printer profiles?
• If you use profiles, which one are you using?
• What materials (paper, canvas, fabric) do you normally print on?
• Have you ever printed pictures on fabric before?
• What fabric did you use?
• What problems did you have, if any, printing fabric?

Digital Photographers: The following questions are to determine the level you work at with your digital camera.
What kind of digital camera do you have? Please list the make and model.
Do you have the manual for the camera?
If so, please, bring it to the class. If not, see if you can get a copy -- it may be as simple as downloading a copy from the Internet.

Please read your digital camera manual and highlight any questions you have in it about taking pictures and list them here. Feel free to send Kerby a separate E-mail with those questions before the class.
• What kind of memory cards does your digital camera use?
• How many extra memory cards do you have and what size are they?
• Do you know how to download pictures from your digital camera to your computer?
• What format do you use to take pictures?
• What level photographer are you?
• When did you make the switch from film to digital?
• What kind of photography do you do?
• What camera system are you using?
• What is the range of lenses you will be bringing to the class?
• Are you shooting RAW?
• What software do you use to process your RAW files?

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