Digital Photography for Quilters taught by Kerby Smith

You will spend a week with this award winning art photographer where you will take digital photos, edit them and manipulate your images to get the best color on fabric. The class again is open to quilters and photographers of skill levels but does require intermediate computer skills. The emphasis is on taking better digital photographs whether you use a Point-And-Shoot or Digital Single Lens Reflex camera.

Intermediate computer skills are required to download your pictures to your computer, create a digital portfolio of your images before processing them in Adobe Photoshop Elements. The class covers the creation of Master files and Target files. Once you have your Master Files you will then create Target files which will be printed on cotton for you to use in your quilts.

At those conferences where we offer the bonus on how to photograph your quilt, you will need to bring the following items in addition to your digital camera if you want to try it yourself.
   1. A small wall quilt to be photographed
   2. A tripod
   3. A flash unit if your camera does not have one built in
   4. A digital grey card
   5. A tape measure
   6. A line level

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