Choosing Your Images

In choosing your images for producing digital fabrics for this class, bear in mind that we will want imagery that we will cut, piece or fuse, and work with freely. For our purposes here, that perfect photo of a baby's face, for instance, is less conducive to free, interesting design work than images that have rich texture, color, and composition -- images that you will be able to fracture and recompose. One of the less interesting things to do with digital fabric is to print it out, border it, and simply have a nice photo on fabric.

If your interest is in creating the best files for printing on fabric you can choose to stay with Kerby for the entire class. If your interest is in using your own digital fabric to design quilts, you can stay with Lura for the entire class. Some couples may choose to divide their time in this way.

This is a process class and we want students to pursue those processes that interest them the most. Thus, both instructors will be available to help you pursue the direction you want to go in the class after the basics of "Digital Boot Camp."

Copyrighted Images
We will only use images in the class that are yours or that you have permission to use. By permission to use an image, we mean that you must have a signed and dated release from the creator of the image.
If you do not have a signed and dated release from the creator of the image we will not use those images in our class. If you are planning to scan images they must be original images that belong to you, such as an old family photograph or your own art work. If you want to scan an image from a book or other source we will not allow you to scan it unless you have a written and dated release from the author and publisher.

There are good reasons for this policy. The amount of work that you will put into creating a quilt is great, and if you ever wanted to enter that quilt in a contest with prizes you could be liable to the owner of the copyrighted image that you used as the source. We are not lawyers and can not speak to the legal issues of the new international copyright laws. However, as instructors it is our job to help you find that switch within you that produces your own unique images.

While you may question your ability to have good images to work with in the class, in our experience all of our students who have gone through Digital Photo Boot Camp in the first part of the class come out with images that are better than anything they can download off the Web or find in a book. And the bonus is that they are your own original images for which you own the copyright.

If you are going to put all of the work into making a quilt from an image, you might as well start with an image that is yours. Thus, we encourage all of our students to bring their digital cameras to the class and create their own images. Once again, if you come to the class with an open mind, part of our job is to help you find that switch within you that brings out your creative nature. And again, in our experience all of you have that creativity within you and you will find it. Trust the process and trust yourself to create your own unique art.

You may be surprised at the artist within.
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