The Digital Quilt: First Section

We call the first half of this class "Digital Boot Camp for Quilters." You do not need to have any experience with digital image processing software; we will teach you how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 from start up to making digital files that we will print on fabric with our professional printer.

While there may be other programs for processing digital images, the one we use and teach is Adobe Photoshop Elements. The current version for the PC is 7.0 and for the MAC 6.0.

Each version of Elements is a stand alone program and there have been major changes between versions 4, 5 and 6. The differences between versions 6 and 7 are minor. If you want to use a PC Laptop with the Windows XP operating system and Photoshop Elements 6.0 that is OK. However, our onscreen demonstrations will be with Windows Vista and Elements 7.0.

We recommend that you get the latest version for your computer which at this time is Version 7.0 for Windows and 6.0 for MAC Users.


PREREQUISITES: While this class is for quilters of all levels of experience, you must have intermediate computer skills for this class.

The first prerequisite for this class is for you to fill out the Student Entry Survey. Filling out the survey is how we determine the best ways to meet your needs in the class. Click here to fill out the survey.

The other prerequisite is that YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO USE YOUR LAPTOP COMPUTER.

The number one thing that we have seen frustrate students in our class is that they do not know how to use their laptop computer. Many quilters may have a desktop computer at home and know how to use it to send their e-mail or surf the web but the laptop PC is a strange beast to them. While it is OK to bring a desktop computer to the class, most of our students have chosen for convenience to come with a laptop.
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